Ivan Conway

Byronware Software and Windows Operating system support for Celebrants

Ivan Conway, Whitsunday Wedding Celebrant. 1995 - 2019

"I was the next best man to have beside you on the most important day of your life"

South East Queensland on
How to use the Celebrant Connection link
In this age of modern computer technology, It is now possible to send the information required by your Celebrant electronically. By clicking on the Celebrant Connection image link below, it will open a panel where you will be able to input information that will be provided for you by your Celebrant. Once you have entered the required information, this will then open the Celebrant Connection program where you will be able to enter all of the information required by your Celebrant to complete the necessary documents for your wedding.

Once you have completed the forms with as much information as you can, you can then securely send this information to your Celebrant by clicking the appropriate Submit button at the bottom of the form. A secured file is then forwarded to your Celebrant via email. They can then use this file to prepare all of your wedding documents in the Byronware Celebrant Suite software. Your Celebrant will then prepare the required Notice Of Intended Marriage form and forward it to you for signing and then returning to them.

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Ivan Conway JP
Mobile: 0419 799 401

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