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The Notice Of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM)
It is a requirement of the Marriage Act in Australia that a completed Notice Of Intended Marriage Form, duly signed and witnessed, is lodged with the Celebrant of your choice no later than ONE month before the date of the marriage. eg. If the ceremony is to be held on the 15th day of December, the NOIM form must be received by the Celebrant by the 15th day of November. OR, if the NOIM is received by the Celebrant on the 31st. of August, the marriage can be solemnised on the 1st of October. In a year that is not a leap year, the notice period for a NOIM given on 29th, 30th or 31st January ends at the end of February in that year. For a NOIM given to a celebrant on 29th, 30th or 31st January, the first day the marriage can be solemnised is 1st March of that year. In a leap year, the notice period for a NOIM given on 29th January, ends on 28th February, and the first day that the marriage could be solemnised is 29th February of that year. It is also important that your Celebrant is advised immediatly of and changes to your address details or any other circumstances that have occured after you have forwarded your completed Notice of Intended Marriage form.

You can open the NOIM form in Acrobat Reader if you have it installed. The NOIM form can be either downloaded or completed "On Line" and then printed out for signing and witnessing and then forwarded to me. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it from the Adobe Reader website. Please contact me if you require a copy of the NOIM form and I will email one to you, or you can download a copy from the link below.

Due to recent changes to The Marriage Act, Marriage Legislation and the Law regarding marriage in Australia effective from the 9th December 2017, a marriage can now take place between two consenting people regardless of gender. However the same rules apply regarding age.

The NOIM form is valid for 18 months once it has been received by the Celebrant. When completing the NOIM form, please take the time to read it carefully before filling it out and please print neatly preferably with a black pen ensuring that all details match with the information on your Birth Certificates. Please answer all questions accurately. Please DO NOT use WhiteOut on your NOIM form. Remember, an NOIM form cannot be accepted by the Celebrant if it contains false statements, errors or is defective. If you require another NOIM form, contact your Celebrant to request another copy. Page 4 of the NOIM form clearly states in either paragraph (a) or (b) the qualified persons required to witness your signature either here in Australia or if lodging an NOIM form from overseas. Please read carefully, there are no exceptions to this requirement.
Conjugal Status (Question 7)
I am often asked by couples the meaning of the term "Conjugal Status" and this question is sometimes left blank on a Notice of Intended Marriage form usually because of a lack of understanding of the term. "Conjugal status" simply means your current wedded or unwedded situation. For example, Never validly married, widower, widow or divorced. Complete whichever situation applies in your circumstance.
Mother's Maiden Name in full (Question 12)
This question is straight forward, however it confuses some couples. It simply means your mothers full name before marriage. First name, second name (if any) and her family name before she married. If you are unsure, these details can usually be obtained from your birth certificate.
Some Important Information.
Other Documents Required
Your celebrant is required to sight original copies of your birth certificates and, (if applicable) death certificate or any documents of divorce. These documents must be sighted before the ceremony is officiated. If any documents are in a language other than english, then a certified translated copy must be provided for the Celebrant. If born in Australia, an Australian birth certificate is requested, however an Australian Passport can also be used to prove Date and Place of Birth. Photo ID documents, (Passport or Drivers Licence) are also required to prove your identity.
An Australian Passport can now be accepted by the Celebrant in lieu of an Australian Birth Certificate and also an International Passport as an alternative if a person was born overseas. It is requested that photocopies of these documents are forwarded to the Celebrant with the completed and signed Notice Of Intended Marriage form to assist with the accurate preparation of all documents required for the ceremony.
Apostille and Authentication Stamps For Marriage Certificates
Where someone has married here in Australia and wants to return overseas, their Government sometimes needs proof that their marriage certificate, signatures, stamp and seal are genuine before they will accept them as evidence of Marriage.
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) will check against a specimen on file and stamp the document with an Apostille (if the country is party to the 1969 Hague Convention eg. Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and many others), or otherwise an authentication, (eg. China, the Middle East). The Consulate or Embassy concerned would need to be consulted as to which one is required (Apostille or Authentication). The current cost for this service may vary depending on the type of document required.
About Migration Advice to Overseas Couples planning Marriage In Australia
Please note: Your Celebrant is unable to provide migration advice. It is illegal for a celebrant to do so as only a registered migration agent or migration lawyer can provide such advice. Australia has no residence, visa, or other requirements apart from those in the Marriage Act that apply to all couples marrying regardless of nationality, residence, or visa status. If you require further information, it is suggested that you contact a migration agent for advice.

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